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Receive Asbestos Roof Replacement in Northside and Southside Brisbane with A.M.J Metal Roofing

Most of us are aware that asbestos is a major health concern, but there are many other reasons to receive asbestos roof replacements in Brisbane, Northside or Southside. If you have asbestos, it could prevent you from selling your home or getting top price for what it is worth.

By having your roof replaced, you can significantly increase the market value of your home. Having the extra weight can have long-term consequences on the structure of your home, and if you feel you want to make the move to sustainable energy, it could prevent you from having solar panels being placed on your roof. If an accident happens or if you have a leak, asbestos usually prevents the roof from being repaired. Asbestos could prevent you from using tank water, and of course, if you just don’t like the idea of asbestos being there, it’s probably about time for asbestos roof replacement.

It’s Not Worth the Risk. Get Asbestos Roof Replacement in North Brisbane

Okay, so you understand all the pitfalls of having asbestos, but you ask yourself: how do I know if I have it? Up until the 1960s, around 25% of homes used asbestos cement in Australia. The reason for using asbestos cement was that it was cheap and fairly durable, which was necessary in the economically challenged years following a war. In 2003, asbestos cement was banned from being used in Australia so if you live in a home that was built pre-1990s, you probably have items in your building materials that contain asbestos.

Asbestos can be found in roof sheeting, cement tiles, lining under eaves, and chimney flues. Although the elements might spread some asbestos around, it’s not a serious risk. However, when a serious amount of damage is done, a harmful amount of asbestos can be released which contain components that can cause cancer. Although there’s no guarantee that an accident will release a significant amount of asbestos into your home, it is simply better to be safe. We offer superior roof replacement services in Southside and Northside Brisbane, and all at an affordable price.

Please note that while AMJ Metal Roofing does provide ceiling vacuuming for asbestos this service is only available as part of our re-roofing or asbestos roof removal services and is not sold as a separate service.

We Offer Other Services as Well.

One specific material that we are proud to offer is Colorbond roofing and wall cladding. Colorbond replaces decramastic roofing tiles, or pressed metal tiles, which were popular in the 1970 and 1980s. Because of the extremely lightweight nature of the material, it is impossible to repair. Colorbond is also lightweight, but much more durable.

Colorbond is made with 22 different colours, so it can match the surrounding landscape or just the colours that we love most in Australia. It’s also made to withstand the Australian conditions. Rest assured, when you have your roof replaced with A.M.J Metal Roofing, it will be made to last.

Other services we offer include re-guttering, downpipe works, fascia works, gutter guards, and general roof and gutter draining systems. If you need roof repair or replacement in Northside or Southside Brisbane, give us a call today on 1300 12 ROOF.


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