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Three Reasons to Replace Your Tile Roofing with Steel on Your Gold Coast or Brisbane Northside and Southside Home

When purchasing or moving into a home, many people often only ask whether or not the roof is in good condition at the time. However, it is important to think about the long-term life of your roof, especially if tile is the primary material. While tile roofs are very popular for the aesthetics they can bring to a home, they also are associated with many problems. At A.M.J. Metal Roofing Pty Ltd, we encourage you to consider the reasons why the better choice is to replace your tile with steel roofing. Brisbane Southside homes can not only benefit from this change but retain a very pleasing look as well.

At A.M.J., our principal goal is to provide our customers with high quality roofing that will stand the test of time and keep you and your family — and your home — safe. Whether you’ve already noticed cracks in your tiles, or you are just curious as to why steel roofing is superior, let’s explore some of the reasons you should make the change. Once you’ve seen the big difference a Colorbond steel roof can make, getting in touch with us for more information is easy.

What does steel roofing offer to Brisbane Northside homeowners?
  1. Steel can place less stress on your home. Tiles are hefty and put an additional load on your home’s supports. Over time, this could lead to issues such as cracks in your walls and other problems. Switching to more lightweight steel construction reduces the load your home must distribute across its walls and beams.
  2. Steel roofing for your Brisbane Northside home is longer lasting, more durable, and less likely to require large-scale maintenance over its lifetime. As it weathers under the sun and rain, tile is far more liable to develop cracks and fissures than steel. These imperfections eventually allow water to penetrate your home, compromising its water tightness and effectiveness.
  3. Maintenance on steel roofing is much easier. Locating a leak is often much simpler with even a visual inspection. Tile can hide imperfections and holes, requiring extensive time and effort to uncover. Choosing to replace it with steel removes this cumbersome burden from your shoulders as a home owner.

Contact our team today to learn more valuable information

Though these are just a few of the reasons upgrading from tile to steel is a smart idea, they’re far from the only ones. When you call A.M.J. to discuss your needs, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our process and materials; we’re happy to educate our clients on the issues surrounding roofing. Between our prompt and free quotes and our competitive rates, choosing A.M.J. for steel roofing in Gold Coast will yield excellent results. In a hurry for a roof replacement? We’re proud of short lead times on many of our jobs, making us a good fit for the job. Visit our contact page now for further details on reaching out to the team.


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