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What Colorbond Wall Cladding Can Add to Your Home (And Who to Call for Colorbond Installations in Gold Coast)

While our brand name is A.M.J Metal Roofing, we also do our fair share of metal wall cladding. Using materials from Colorbond, we can create stunning exterior facades or interior accent walls for your home or business. Colorbond cladding is steel, reinforced with a metallic coating, a treatment, a primer coat of paint, and a coloured top coat of paint. The result is strong, robust metal cladding in unique and striking colours.

Why Choose Colorbond Cladding for Your Gold Coast Home or Office?

So what are the benefits of hiring A.M.J Metal Roofing for a Colorbond cladding installation service in Gold Coast? There are many advantages to using Colorbond, both aesthetic, and practical.

Here are some of the ones that we hear our customers praising most frequently:

  • Colorbond cladding is available in a versatile array of colours: One of the top reasons that our customers in Gold Coast love Colorbond cladding is how it opens up the options they have for the look of their home. Colorbond cladding comes in 22 different colours, which is more than what is usually available for building materials. Homeowners who want an unusual colour for the exterior of their homes can achieve the look they want with Colorbond cladding. Similarly, businesses that want to match their front façade to the colours of their brand logo have more options thanks to Colorbond.
  • The texture is unique: For exterior purposes, Colorbond cladding might be most desirable due to colour. For interior feature walls, you could achieve the same colour versatility with paint. However, what Colorbond offers that paint can’t is texture. The unique texture of Colorbond cladding can spice up the architecture of a Gold Coast home and give it more character and personality. It looks particularly great in modern style homes.
  • Colorbond acts like a suit of armour for your home: Perhaps the most significant benefit of Colorbond wall cladding is how it can protect your home (or business) from elemental threats. Despite being extremely lightweight, Colorbond is very durable, capable of withstanding heavy winds, snow, rain or even hail without denting or chipping. It can also withstand heavy sun exposure, with the exterior topcoat of paint resistant to blistering and flaking. These qualities allow Colorbond to act like a suit of armour around your home, keeping out high heat, piercing cold, moisture from the rain and more. Over time, this extra layer of defence can lower your home’s heating and cooling costs, protect from leaks or water damage and reduce overall maintenance needs.
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